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I am Weerayut Janthai, or also known as Toa.
I'm happy to call myself a destination wedding & lifestyle photographer. Based in the beautiful Koh Samui, Thailand.

Photography has always had a special place in my heart since my high school days when I received my first SLR camera.
Shooting, printing and experimenting was always a wonderful feeling. Capturing memories of family and friends in their most natural way possible. Today after 16 years, the joy and thrill rush back every time I hold a camera and go out for a shoot.

My work has taken me all over the world where I've had the chance to experience different cultures, try new food and one of my favourite things to do is look for amazing coffee. From a recent pre wedding shoot in Amsterdam to a 4 day Indian wedding in New Delhi to Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney Australia. All that travel to take photographs.
The power a photograph holds is really beyond our expectations. How they remind us of a place, a feeling, a person and love.

I graduated in BA Still Photography from India.
This is where I developed a style. My style is natural, timeless with an artistic touch. Telling a story through a series of photographs is what I do best.

A Wedding day is about people in love, starting with two people, joined by family and friends. It’s also about laughters, drinks, flowers, joy, tears, music, food, beach, and breathtaking sunsets.
Let my photograph remind you all of these experience for years to come.

I'm more than happy to meet and share ideas, or meet via video call or a pre meeting before your big day.